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Beautiful Switch

ContemporaryLivingRoom-768x514The Adorne collection from Legrand makes life simply beautiful. It starts with stylishly smart switches, dimmers, outlets, and wall plates that merge an awe- inspiring array of styles and finishes with a high tech wow factor that’s easy to get used to. You’ll soon discover why Adorne makes it a delight to hit the lights. The Adorne collection offers solutions to match any taste- finished to fit any personality. Whether you favour the clean lines of modern design, or cozy, cottage-style comfort, or even the classic elegance of a more traditional style, Adorne is built to fit. Take your pick of white or magnesium switches, dimmers, and outlets, and match them with a wide array of wall plate options. You’ll find everything from lush natural woods, metals, and leather to a brilliant spectrum of colourful solids. Watch these usually forgotten finishing touches transform your walls from blah to breathtaking.